How to enter

To apply to be a Rose, you need to contact one of the local groups running a Rose event, and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Be 18 years of age by January 1st 2016 and will not have reached your 28th birthday on or prior to September 1st 2016.
  2. Be unmarried or never been married.
  3. Be female, born in Ireland or an Irish citizen or of Irish origin by virtue of one of your ancestors having been born in Ireland.
  4. If Irish-born, have lived in New Zealand for at least two years and be intending to stay until August of the year following your entry.
  5. Never have previously won the New Zealand National Final nor represented the same local centre at the NZ National Final.
  6. Be available for Rose Selection events and if selected be available for the International Festival events.

You will also need to complete an application form.


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