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Clare Kambamettu, representing LondonClare Kambamettu, representing London

Clare is an assistant psychologist for an NHS substance misuse service in London having completed a degree in Psychology (and in History) and an MSc in Mental Health. She hopes to complete a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and work within the field of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

She is passionate about animal welfare and an active member of her local RSPCA committee.

Clare enjoys reading and going to the theatre, and will run her first half marathon this October in aid of Starlight Children’s Foundation. She also loves the snow, swimming off the coast of Connemara and landing in Dublin airport with that feeling of coming home. Clare was born in Leeds but raised in Ireland.

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Monday, August 16 (by email)

Hello All

I just thought I would send a wee email before I head off on the journey to Ireland tomorrow morning ..... it still doesn't actually feel like I am actually going and it is hard to believe that this time last year, I was in the same boat as our beautiful Lizzie....I can only imagine the excitment she is feeling right now....wahoo!

I am having the night with Chaz and Chelsea in Christchurch....Chaz has just cooked a yummy dinner....I am very impressed.

I jetset off tomorrow morning....Im not really looking forward to the long flight. Gene has kindly lent me his Ipod touch thingy which will keep me entertained as I try to work out how to use it....haha I am not very technical!

I will keep you all updated once I hit Tralee, with how Lizzie is going and all the exciting events.

I hope you are all well and wonderful!

Take care

Love Lisa

Friday, August 20 (by email)


All is well here in Dublin, I have had a few well rested days with Bernie Farrelly, Mother of the Sydney Rose 2009. She is wonderful and hilarious, with the pure Irish humour. Bernie took me to the city yesterday by bus, we were there from 1pm till 9pm and we saw 6 shops, and 3 pubs....Bernie is an absolute laugh and at 70 years of age, is as fit as a fiddle....she has been a great host.

It was a great surprise to hear that Michelle Mulholland was on her way to Dublin to head to Tralee

I am meeting with Michelle today to catch the train down to Tralee at 11am, Jessica [Kreuz] the 2009 German Rose is also travelling with us which will be great.

We have bought our tickets for the Black Tie Ball tonight which is exciting. We are really looking forward to it and it will be great to see Lizzie also.

Davey (cousin and Lizzie's NZ escort) flys into Tralee tonight at 8pm, so not doubt we will be seeing him soon also.

I will be able to update you more in the next few days.

Until then,

Love Lisa x

Sunday, August 22 (by email)

Hello All

Where to start .... the sun is shining here in Tralee, a novelty for Tralee. We had a fabulous night at the ball with everyone looking glam. Michelle and I sat at a table with couples from Tralee and Cork and they were great craic ..... lots of laughs. We danced the night away till the very early hours of the morning. Lizzie was very surprised to see us ..... especially Michelle as she came down the stair from the Carlton Hotel with her lovely escort .... also named Shane. We also met up with Emma Coffey (NZ Rose 2006). We had lots of laughs.

It was fab to see Lizzie's Mother and Aunty also. We have spent the afternoon with them at the Broge Inn where Lizzie has been signing autographs. We met Lizzie's Rose Bud Emily and her family. Davey has been with us all afgternoon which has been great ..... he is a bit tired .... as we all are actually! Michelle, Davey and I have placed a bet on Lizzie, it's fun to see the Rose Bus drive by and all the photos of the Roses in shop windows.

We are meeting the NZ support crew soon to head down the street for the parade .... the town is buzzing! We are preparing ourselves mentally for another big night ahead. I am really enjoying catching up with the Roses and Esorts from my year. It's hard to believe the year has gone by!

Talk soon.....lots of love,
Lisa Davey and Michelle

Tuesday, August 24 (by email)

Hello there

Beautiful day here in Tralee ..... so we have popped down to Dingle, an hour south of Tralee, to explore the sea side.

Lizzie is on the 2nd TV night, the 24th August at 8pm (NZ Wednesday morning). Michelle and I are heading to tonight's selection night and Rose and Escort Reunion .... we are lucky enough to be given tickets for this.

Lizzie had her interview with the judges yesterday, who all seem very lovely, and RTE have accepted her party piece that she will be performing on stage.

Davey is enjoying meeting a whole lot of the crew from last year ..... he seems to be enjoying the travel.

The streets of Tralee are madness but lots of fun! Looking forward to tonight. The next two nights will be buzzing!

I hope this email finds you all well and soon.

Take care

Lisa and Michelle

Tuesday, August 24 (by email)
(from Emma Coffey (2006 NZ Rose)

Hi everyone,

So all is going well in Tralee and it is lovely to be back! Hard to believe it has been 4 years since I was here and while a part of me wishes I could do it all over again it is great to be on this side of the fence! Friday night I managed to make it down to the Ball and again it was a brilliant evening, the dome is spectacular this year and the town is buzzing with people. Saturday met a few of the roses wandering around and at various signings and of course attended the parade where they all looked lovely on their floats.

Lizzie is absolutely lovely and she is thoroughly enjoying her time. Managed to see the second half of the fabulous fashion show last night and the girls looked in their element walking down the runway. After that I caught a lift on the Escorts bus down to the after-function at the Meadows (it's not what you know it's who you know around here) and had a great night getting to know a few of the girls and catching up with the Escorts from my year.

Unfortunately a few, including Lizzie, have lost their voices so hopefully they will get some much needed rest today before the t.v nights start. Lizzie is on Tuesday evening in the second half so it will be nice for her to sit through Monday and suss out the other Roses.

My friend Niamh [Sherlock], the Dublin Rose is on tonight so I hope you will all be able to watch and support her also. It's tough choosing, but as you all know anyone could take the crown. The Down Rose is the favourate at the bookies so far but I've got a tenner on Lizzie.

Anyway, I had best be off to glam myself up for this evening. I don't have much access to internet here but will try and write again on Wednesday.

Lots of Love,
Emma x

Thursday, August 26 (by email)

Hello All

Well what a fabulous end to a fabulous week. We have had a great few days here in Tralee, last night topped it off seeing Lizzie on stage. She interviewed very well and everyone has been raving about the song that she sang - Welcome Home by Dave Dobyn.

The new Rose was Clare Kambamettu from London, so lovely for Charmaine to pass on the reign and keep it in the London center - their congratulation hug on stage was gorgeous. Claire is stunning and was a real hit with all the Roses - she will do the job very well.

We have been at the good-bye BBQ with Lizzie and her family today and have decided to head back to Dublin tomorrow on the train. We are both feeling pretty exhausted after a few big nights/early mornings so enjoying just relaxing today.

The weather has been fab apart from the random rain drops every now and then. Davey seems to have enjoyed himself and enjoyed the Tralee experience, after experiencing a small taste as an escort in Invercargill.

Its been great to be able to catch up with all the past roses and escorts. We had a huge dinner and a few lunches....I was very lucky to have a lovely lunch and birthday cake on my nice.

The Rose of Tralee committee have catered for us ex-roses very well. It was lovely to go to some of the functions for past roses and escorts, including both TV nights and to be treated as a VIP some of the time, which we were well accustomed to when we were Roses. It was fab to meet Roses from other years, to catch up on the last few years etc, and we also met with the 2000 NZ Rose Catherine Goodwin, who is gorgeous.

All in all it has been a very fun-filled experience being back in Tralee and seeing the other side.

Michelle is now off Dublin and Galway to catch up with the Galway Rose, Colette, from her year as she is having triplets (look out) and I am off to London for ten days then back to Dublin for the Sydney 09 Rose's wedding (look out again).

Thanks for all the lovely texts and replies.

Lots of love
Michelle and Lisa xo


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