The New Zealand Rose of Tralee

Meet the 2017 PBT New Zealand Rose of Tralee

Niamh O'Sullivan, representing Taranaki after being selected as the 2017 PBT New Zealand Rose of TraleeThe 2017 PBT New Zealand Rose of Tralee is Niamh O'Sullivan.

Niamh represented the Taranaki Irish Club.

She is a 26-year-old Paediatric Dietitian. She says that she loves working with the children and their families, and gets great job satisfaction from her work.

Niamh O'Sullivan, representing TaranakiNiamh is Irish-born, and she and her parents hail from Cork. She has been in Taranaki for a year.

She says "I could ramble on and on about how much I have loved my year in Taranaki." In particular she cites being 5 minutes from the beach in Fitzroy as a special pleasure, as are her her boyfriend's family who have "welcomed me with open arms and been my family away from home which has meant the world to me."

"Beyoncé Knowles has been my idol since I was old enough to sing her songs. ... I was lucky to grow up with a woman singing about independence and making your own way in the world. I learnt to literally "pay my bills" and not to depend on anything but my own hard work. If I met her I would have to thank her for the profound positive influence she had on my in my teenage years."

Niamh says she like chocolate, laughing and dancing. She also misses her family.

In her own words: